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Some projects

This list is very much non-exhaustive, and pretty much exists for historical reasons. Some day I might update it to show everything I've made. Maybe.

Most of my public code is on GitHub, but here's a few:

This site!

I wrote all of this from scratch myself.

You're already on it


booru is a Node.js package to easily interface with the apis of several boorus.

Swapping boorus is as easy as changing 1 string (and you can use aliases for boorus as well)

It can commonfy the responses of boorus so you end up with all images in a common format no matter the souce booru

Can convert xml to json for you

"random order" support for sites that don't support "order:random"

Check it out


Things on discord that do things when you say things.

They're all written in js (Discord.js) and hosted by myself (Unless otherwise specified).

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