About site/me tl;dr it used to suck

In case you're bored/curious

It's a site about things. Mostly things that I've done.

It started out as a wiki for video games on google sites, created by me and a friend.

Eventually however, I bought a domain and a server and a proper site went up. The main page redirected to an installation of MediaWiki and that was it. A few months later, a forum was added as well, but they both ended up getting spammed by bots and had nobody on it (not even me really), so I just kinda abandonned it.

It stayed that way for a while, until I eventually decided "Hey, you know what'd be neat? A main page." Some time later (and a lot of referring to Bootstrap docs), a main page was created. Then it died again. I just kinda sat there untouched (~1 year), until I thought that maybe I should actually use this site. And then I added a whole bunch of things: a game prototype I made, dark mode, fancier css, search... And it died again.

In 2016 I decided to revive the site. Again. I stripped out the unused wiki and forums, added a blog, updated main page... Then the blog never got any posts and it died again.

And in 2017, everything was redone from the ground up. New domain, html + css from scratch. New stuff. A Bee movie api.

So yeah, interesting history behind this mess of a site ¯\_( )ツ_/¯

I'm Atlas/AtlasTheBot. I like coding.

If you're curious about stuff I've done before, you can either check /code or my GitHub.

If for some reason you want me to do things, some contact details are over in /contact. No free things tho (probably)

Wait why is the logo a giraffeduck

I found it one day while searching stuff for a school project.

It's beautiful. I love it. (I never found the source again though.)